Monday, November 10, 2014

Spring really has sprung!


Spring is well and truly here - today you wouldn't think it, but it's almost like Summer is here!

Get out into your gardens and plant some colour to make you smile when you get home. I love coming home now as we are slowly getting our barren and boring front yard all ready with some gorgeous colour, care of my new job =) I work out at a nursery and the colour that I get to see daily is magnificent. And I'm just the receptionist!

Here's some stuff that I grabbed at work for the garden at home.

Top: Grevillia on either side, Dianthus, Delphinium and something else I cant remember and some more Dianthus

Middle: Gazania, Salvia (those purple and pink ones) and in front of those are Lobelia (the white flowers are lobelia)

Bottom: Snapdragons and Portaluca (the succulents) 

I actually don't remember putting down on the staff sales list that I wanted Portaluca or Gazania. But I am so happy with them! The portalucas are this gorgeous succulent with this stunning rose type of flower.

 Could you just imagine how much all of this would have cost if I bought them at a nursery? Well over $100.

I've gotten a whole lot of veggies as well and planted them. Some sage, so I can burn my own home grown sage (so cleansing!) and a couple of Bay trees... amongst the countless chillies, tomato's and strawberries.

And this is something that we do at work for in city of Sydney =) This is from about a month ago.

And I work 15 minutes from home. AMAZING.

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