Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Marc jacobs is a GOD

Now, I know that below is a post stating why I don't like Louis Vuitton - please note the main reason is Paris Hilton and the fact that when I worked at Coles, it was quite a well, salubrious area....

All the women came in with their LV bags (and most were real, believe me) and then the multicolour bag came out (forgive my lack of LV knowledge), and well, all I wanted was one of them. Then I saw them EVERYWHERE... and quickly got over them - except the gold alma.... so pretty!

But when it comes to Louis Vuitton's clothes... to use a zoe-ism, I die.

Marc Jacobs is an absolute genius.

Take the most recent show for Paris Fashion week... the colours, the cut, the show!

Love this dress - it's so flapper like, it's amazing! Love the peacock colours too...

Totally love that orange is coming back.. perfect excuse to wear my orange Miss Munro's!

There's more to look at here:,s5815

What's your favourite?

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