Thursday, February 18, 2010

Faking confidence

Sometimes I feel like I'm that girl back in high school.... Which makes me feel a little pathetic ;o) It's been 10 years!

I confuse myself sometimes... I can come out a blazing, and not care what anyone thinks of me, be Miss Confident and then I can be upset at such stupid petty things. Like followers! (up to 7 though - woot!!) Or uploading outfit posts... why am I so worried? Do I REALLY care what other think that much? Alas, I think the answer is yes.....

So, I've given myself 30 minutes of "woe is me" and you know, on I get.

So I'm going to channel Dr Molly Clock from Scrubs( Season 4 - Her Story)

"Molly: You'll be fine. Just do what I do: Fake it till you make it.
Elliot: [laughs] Like when a guy is really bad in bed and you pretend that he is awesome so he doesn't go to a special store, buy one of those weird pumps, and then accidentally run into your dad?
Molly: Kind of....See Dr. Kelso over there? I have to go over and justify my program for our psychotic homeless population? Am I scared to go over to his table of stuffy fat guys, 'cause I know they're just gonna stare and my chest the whole time? Of course! But...I'm just gonna act confident, and they're gonna believe that I'm confident.

So, I'm going to fake it until I make it. Dammit! =) I don't see why not..... it's what I did when I moved to Sydney! Let's fake it ladies!

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