Wednesday, February 24, 2010

House is in a Shambles!

A complete shambles!!!

The kitchen has half been taken out, we're cooking on the BBQ out the front, and the two spare rooms are taken up by the temporary kitchen and all of my boxes....

All of that de-cluttering that I did before I moved seems all for nothing! (which I now wasn't - I'd have even more!)

The clutter is getting too much though..... last weekend we FINALLY had sun, so I was able to finish off the washing we had. A month of it. I wanted to tear my hair out.

So I wanted some advice - what items to get rid of, ideas for the garden, any ideas on what to cook without a kitchen, and how to organise mine and MrDiors stuff.....

At the moment there's only a little bit of my stuff around, and it still feels like I'm "staying overnight". But I don't want to make the place too girly also....

At the moment I just want it to be organised.... and that big pile of rubbish/parts of the kitchen out the front to be gone.....

I never thought I'd be asking to go back to the tip!!! ;o) I'll take pics tonight - it truly is crazy!


  1. Hello dear - I only just saw your comment on my fur post & I wanted to come here & say how absolutely lovely you are, incase you didn't get the follow up comment x

  2. I know how you feel! Good luck with the renos... look forward to the day it is all finished :)