Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's ordered!!

It's ordered and paid for....... Now the waiting game starts!!!!
Thank goodness for parcel forwarding services!


  1. I am envious! This is such a cute little clutch...I have seen my friend's one and it's absolutely gorgeous in real life! Congrates gal!

  2. Ooh, cheers mate! =)

    A little devo, because they shipped it to Shopaholiques without the YSL box it's supposed to be in....

    IS it petty to be upset over that?
    It's just I've never bought from YSL before, and I really wanted that little box...... I paid for it dammit!!!

  3. Oooh I'm in love with the wallet version of this clutch. Very nice purchase! And no of course it's not petty to be upset over the box, I would be too! I'm a box hoarder haha. Thanks for following my blog =)

  4. This came up in my blog feedly as a new post?! But I was thinking hey i thought you have this already.