Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!!! - and waiting for nail polish

Happy Easter!!!

Aah, a long weekend. Such a glorious, wonderful thing. Enjoy it!

I was talking to my boyfriend the during the week about how when I was younger my Mum and Dad used to give us little mini egg hunts in the house when we were younger - we'd wake up to a trail of mini eggs that would lead to various 'stashes" off eggs.

There would be multiple tracks of the main track, and we would always end up with a decent pile of eggs - not to mention the good ol' traditional bunny that we got every year. It made such great memories, ones now that make me so grateful for the family that I have.

Well, guess what. The boyfriend had never had a hunt like that. Maybe they don't do them in Denmark, I don't know (Moved over here when he was 8...). But I couldn't help but be crushed for him. He seemed fine, like he always is, and didn't mind. But I had it set in my mind - I was going to do it!

So, of course, work and home is crazy the next couple of days, and before I know it, it's Thursday night.. and we're doing the shopping because, this is the mountains. Everything will be shut! I remember my plan, and think *Holy crap!* and make the bf drop me off outside on of the larger supermarkets in Springwood and I run in and grab what I can find. Of course, this being me, they don't have half of what I need.

I spend a good 15 minutes pacing up and down the aisles, grabbing what I can and trying to envision what I can do with it..... I won't need too many will i?

Haha! $86 later, and out I come (not feeling too silly as there as another lady in there doing the same), and off home we go, making sure to not break the eggs that I could have bought a nice skirt with.
Sunday (this) morning comes around, and I groggily get up at 7:30 to set up the trail - sternly telling the bf to not get out of bed - and to not let the cat outAustralia’s oldest surviving gold rush town of the bedroom - he'd have a field day!

I did what I could, with what I had, and he seemed pretty happy. Not to mention, Albus had a ball with some of the eggs left over on the floor.

Then time for a nice, healthy breakfast of bacon and eggs - with tomato! It's okay, there was some kind of vegetable there..... ;o)

Late lunch right now of yoghurt and fresh raspberries.... Mmm.... soo good....

and soooo fulll!

This and chocolate is the only thing making me not grr that my nailpolish orders - two - still aren't here from the US yet... it's been two weeks! *sniff*.... I know, it is Easter....

Eat and be merry my fellow bloggers!


  1. The easter egg hunt is super cute!

  2. waiting for nail polish is very stressful, can't wait to see all your garden renos as they unfold. Your tomato plants are doing so well, Jealous!

  3. Oh, FF, I am trying to make you proud! Your garden is absolutely divine =)

    I am the one who is jealous..... but I can try!!

    Cheers annoii =) I may be eating his chocolate..... Mmm... mint chip eggs! ;o)