Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nail Polish! Nail Polish!!!

Seriously Good Haul!

It's here! Nothing like coming home to packages.

And perfect timing too, i need something to cheer me up.
My wallet was stolen at work.... NOT happy.
I work in a secured environment, so only people who have passes can get in... There goes the money I was going to use to buy my boyfriends birthday present for this Sunday.

My life. Welcome!

But I have these beauties to console myself with.....

Haha, I knew I ordered a lot, but whoa!
I ordered one lot from transdesign, and the other from 8ty8beauty. They both got here on the same day, and were ordered on the same day. So, can't complain! =) And even better, 8ty8 threw in a double of "Catherine the Grape" - should keep the sis happy!

I have no idea why I ordered sooo many purple shades....

Should be fun picking which to use first!

Hope your day was better than mine lovely ladies!

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