Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back to work!

Today was my last day of holidays, and so I thought I'd do something productive other than housework - my nails!

First I spent a bit trying to decide.... and obviously I need more polishes.

Decided on OPI's Dating a Royal and off we went!

Thought it should match nicely with my Miss Munroes tomorrow - they always make me feel good =)

I apologise for the bad pic of the shoes (haha, and fingers... blergh!).... they're much prettier in person. Shall update with an outfit pic tomorrow..... if I look semi decent ;o)

Here's to a new year full of great outfits, promotions and bags.... once I've paid off the $10k vet bill! Hope you're all slipping back into work nicely - and if so - tips please!!! ;o)

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