Monday, January 11, 2010

Changed Priorities

So as I'm coming up to 30 soon (under two years - argh!) I've been re-evaluating my life.
Going over that list of things you wanted to do before you hit the big 3 0.

I don't think I've done more than two items. Sure, I can't find the list - well, one of the many I wrote, but know pretty much what's there. two out of 10. Not that good!

Be multi-lingual - No
Learn the acoustic guitar - No
Live overseas for a year - No
Be married - No (my life goal is to make it to 50 years of marriage - so I figured 30 is the age!)
Own a house - No
Have my own pets - YAY!

and probably the other usual ones like "Be skinny" etc - this one is obviously a work in progress, haha.

And it's not that the last 12 years have been unproductive. I moved out of home, in with friends, lived in a different state to my family, moved in with a boyfriend, moved back home with the family to Sydney, losing a boyfriend and started afresh in Sydney. I became more confident. Lost weight. Learned to love myself. Going through bad depression and pulling myself out of it.

I thought I would hate Sydney. It was my least favourite city ion Australia. I had only been here once, but I was certain I would hate it, and that it would hate me.

I was wrong. I am always wrong about things I am stubborn about.

The place was cold and scary to start off with, I won't lie to you. The first year here was damn hard. Not knowing anyone other than family, and trying to find friends of my own. To try and fit in. Not knowing that there was such a thing called the Vogue forums until two years ago. The horror!! ;o)

And then I realised I could be whoever I wanted here. I could be that person I WANTED to be in Brisbane. Confident. Funny. Try to be stylish. Cool and strong willed. To not be pushed around anymore.

So I decided to try.

And you know, Sydney has paid me back. I have some wonderful friends, my bestie E has moved here after gallivanting across the world alone (good on her I say!), and because of my wonderful friends I met here, I met MrDior.

Isn't it amazing how everything we do in life leads us somewhere? To think, if I hadn't decided to just move to Sydney (I was gone from Brisbane in 2 weeks), I would have never met my bf.

So, rather than be upset at what I haven't completed, I am going to be happy with what I have. A wonderful best friend, an amazing boyfriend who loves me and who I think the world of, a house over my head, wonderful friends, pets, family and love. My health. This is a lot more than what some people have.

So I am throwing out the list. It's not healthy, it just makes you regress and regret what you have no accomplished. We're not the same people we were when we wrote that list. Time has changed things. You have changed.

Look at what you have accomplished over the years. I'm sure it will truly amaze you =)


  1. Beautifully written and very true! Congratulations on growing up happy!

  2. Virtual high five!

    I started one of these lists the year before I turned 30 as well and found it depressing. I ended up throwing it away and vowing to just be thankful for what I have instead.

  3. This post inspired me so much =) I'm nearly 24, but have been sick since I was 18 (too sick to work, study etc) and always think I've done 'nothing' with my life and I haven't met my big plan (I should've moved out, got a degree and travelled by now..). This made me smile so much. You're right! I pulled myself out of that massive illness, THAT is something.

    I love you for posting this, thank you. xx