Sunday, January 3, 2010

From Sydney to Springwood

So I finally started my blog. Thank you to all the wonderful voguettes who's blogs I have enjoyed reading and have inspired me to make one of my own. It's a little daunting I'll tell you!

I plan on this blog to be about fashion, style, anything "domestic goddess" like, and well, anything that takes my fancy!

I'm moving in with my boyfriend of 2 years quite soon - either in a week, or a month and a week, but the whole experience should create for some interesting and wonderful adventures.

We'll have no kitchen. Oh yes!

More on that story another time =) I'll be sure to need your help with ideas and recipes!

As some of you out there are also probably thinking, it's the year for change. Change for some aspects of life, health, friends (making more time), love and attitude. In hair and my surroundings.

Sure, I do this every year, so I'm not sure what makes this year different, but hey, let's give it a whirl!
Who's with me?

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