Monday, January 11, 2010

White Chocolate Mousse

Mmm, I made some of this last week and had to try again and see if my egg whites would work. It was pretty damn tasty! Tastes just like Milky bar dairy snack =)
I'll put my Bailey's Mousse recipe up also - rich, but so so good! =)

Place 250g of white chocolate and 80 ml of milk and 1tsp of vanilla (or some real vanilla) into a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water - make sure the bowl does not touch the water!

Heat until chocolate is melted, stirring regularly. Allow to cool off to the side for 5 minutes.

Add 3 egg yolks separately, stirring after each yolk.

While the chocolate is cooling, whisk 350mls of cream in a bowl until soft peaks form. Stir in your chocolate mix until just combined.

Separately, whisk your 3 egg whites in a stainless steel bowl until soft peaks form. Fold in mix in two batches.


Now, my first time the egg whites didn't whisk properly - I don't think I was there for long enough. So I just omitted the whites and the result was a nice, thick creamy mousse... So much so this is the one my Bestie E liked the best.

So, give either one a try, and let me know how you go!

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