Monday, January 11, 2010

The power of powders

And I don't mean face powder!

I mean flavours =)

My flavour of the month (and enemy one's new years resolution) are Wicked Cheddar ZigZag Twisties.

Oh. My. God.

My bestie E and I discovered one simple rule- the more powders the better.

Don't believe me? Next time you're snacking on
your favourite chip like snack, have a look at the powders - now, I'm talking garlic, onion, tomato, cheese, etc.

3 powders is basic. You don'/t want ANYTHING less.

4 powders... pretty good. But 5 is outstanding - and 6. Well, 6 is heaven.

And for $1.98 at my local coles for the big pack (took a pic of the littler pack, cos I ate the other one.... whoops!), what a damn bargain! I will warn you.... there's something moreish about them... you don't even care about yellow hands! I've gone for an hour walk with the dog already...... pant pant!

Now, I don't work for Twisties, or any affiliate, but if they see this, and want to send me a box free, I'm down with that. Email me =)


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